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Have Best Seller Writers Nailed a Tried and True Way to Start A Book?

Have Best-Seller Writers Nailed a Tried and True Way to Start A Book? There certainly is no “formula” required to kick off a book, but if the writer wants people to read it, we know it has to be good. So just how do some best-seller writers start their books? This is a question serious […]

From The Joads to John Grisham; Striking A Balance Between The Inspiring and Depressing

Balancing the Light and the Dark What Constitutes A Tasty Recipe? In my course of reading books and watching movies, I have found that effective writers have become skilled at balancing the light and the dark. Too much of either can hurt the chances of someone enjoying your writing. We must add the right ingredients […]

Can Writing a Book be Like Building A House?

(Incidentally, my book, Cows in the Fog and Other Poems and Stories, is available at in paperback or ebook.) Yes writing a book can be like building a house. Over the years I have learned a good deal about how one can create a book project that he can actually complete. And complete it […]

Madeleine L’Engle: What I learned from this Great American Author

I really didn’t know who Madeleine L’Engle was when I took a class with her; that she had published about 50 books at the time, and that her classic “A Wrinkle in Time” had won the prestigious Newbury Award Medal. She was one of the most popular American writers of her era. After the class […]

Writing means self-discovery; writer’s group important

Through writing my book, Cows in the Fog I discovered a lot about who I am. The journey led me back to my childhood, and I can now see better the events of my childhood that shaped who I have become. It has made me more sure of myself. Of course this book stresses more […]

The Journey to Connectedness

AVAILABLE NOW! Cows in the Fog can be purchased at, then click on, or type in, “books.” When I was young, I wanted to be rich and famous. As I got older, I just wanted to be rich. Now, I simply want enough money to get buy, comfortably, when possible, and to enjoy life […]

6-30-14 Find poems you will like!

How many times when I am giving a reading do people come up to me and say, “I haven’t read any poetry since college, and I wouldn’t know where to find good ones. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+

Today I met…

a publisher who worked at one of the major publishing companies, that everyone knows in New York, for many years. He is retired, but when in business, he published the poetic works of Maya Angelou, Dr. Seuss, and Langston Hughes. He particularly liked sailing with Dr. Seuss because he was such a good guy. It […]

From “Quips and Quotes” from “Cows in the Fog.” A fav of many readers.

A newspaper editor told me she especially liked this quote. One of the fun things about writing a book if that you can publish many of the best thoughts you’ve written down over a period of years. “In college I was inspired by a course called “Motivational Theory.” We studied various techniques scientifically proven to […]

Humor for my section “Quips and Quotes.” A fav of many readers.

A newspaper editor read this quote, and said she particularly enjoyed it. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+