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Reason Enough to Write. How writing improved my verbal communication

I have a vivid memory of the first time I felt thrilled that I had a means to communicate effectively. Actually, the event took place just after I made the final period at the end of the first story I ever wrote. I was sitting in an old brown wooden chair behind my little desk […]

An Unexpected Warning. I was Interviewing them for my book, never expecting their warning to stay out of Jeopardy with my daughter

I could be busy 16 hours a day. I have a full-time job in construction and do some jobs on the side. I like to cook, write non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. I enjoy hiking, going on trips, working out at the gym and watching a TV show here and there. However, I’ve always believed family […]

Lonely as a Leaf

Lonely as a Leaf Every so often, a random glimpse of innocence carries me back to where the melancholy breeze that swimming hole of September first blew, the cool one that plucked the season’s first dying leaf, leaving it to fall, lonely, whirling to the earth. You are whispered back to life, brown hair matted […]