Writing means self-discovery; writer’s group important

Through writing my book, Cows in the Fog I discovered a lot about who I am. The journey led me back to my childhood, and I can now see better the events of my childhood that shaped who I have become. It has made me more sure of myself. Of course this book stresses more the positive side of my life, and I am glad. I grew up, basically, in two different places, a Vermont country town and a wealthy suburb. So, at times it was confusing, but now more than ever, I can see the reality of it all. I know who I am and who I’m not.

When people get serious about writing, we often envision book sales, reading events, getting attention for our intelligence. But I found is that the reality is that I am a story teller and entertainer. These are stories I have written in lonely places, but they are meant for others to hear. When I am standing there at a library or cafe reading, I am relating these stories of my life, my experiences and truths I have discovered. I am connecting with people.

Where this starts for me is in my writing group at the Mahopac Library. After I have written a story or poem, I share it with other people, who give me comments so that I can get the story out the best I can. But it’s not only to receive comments about the quality of the story, it’s for others to learn something about me. I enjoy when others read aloud not only for the entertainment value, but because I am getting to know them.

I imagine the process of writing can be very lonely for people who write alone and never have the benefit of a writers group to share their work and to hear other people’s reactions. Writing is multidimensional and other pairs of ears are needed to get an assessment of a piece’s effectiveness. Moreover, having the support of others involved in the same process of producing art is empowering.

This is what it’s really all about. However, I love when I sell a book, and hope to sell many more! And mine is available on Amazon.com

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  1. “multidimensional”, “learn who we are” –For myself, this is the value. When I was younger we had the quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” (ancient Greek) It adds dimensions to what you have already done–and maybe some ideas on what might be some effective efforts more…even if that’s just to make it available to more people!

  2. If you’re going to moderate it, I can also post, in this item:

    But I found is that the reality is that I am a story teller and entertainer.
    But I found that the reality is that I am a… or:
    But what I found is that… or:
    But the reality I found is that…

    (Or tell me to lay off the corrections!)

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